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The 2000 Pound Goldfish

by Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

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The Plot

Abandoned by his mother who is hiding from the FBI, Warren escapes into horror movie fantasies.

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Like Warren, I used to love horror movies, only Warren takes it a step farther. He creates his own. Bubbles the 2000 pound goldfish is lying in the sewer, and when Warren is upset, he can always find relief in making up a new episode. In the finale, which I loved writing, Warren has to save Bubbles life by pleading with listeners to flush their toilets at exactly ten o'clock so that Bubbles will be washed out to sea where she can live in peace and harmony. I used to read this to classes, and some scientific kid would say, "Mrs. Byars, goldfish can't live in salt water." And I'd say, "Listen, I'm the boss of this book, and if I want Bubbles to live in salt water, Bubbles will live in salt water." I love being the boss of a book.