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The Midnight Fox

by Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

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The Plot

While a reluctant visitor at his aunt and uncle's farm for the summer, Tommy comes to know and love a black fox.

cover Betsy Says

This is probably my favorite of my books. It was the first book that turned out the way I had hoped it would. When you first begin writing, there seems to be a terrible gap between what you want to write and what you actually do write. This book gave me encouragement that I might one day be able to write the kind of books I liked.

Also this was the first book, in which I put parts of my own life - the headlines came from some my sister and I wrote as girls. The doll head came from one my dog brought home and that kept coming up in unexpected (and unwanted) places.

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