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The Moon and I

by Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

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The Plot

While telling about my adventures with a black snake named Moon, I also tell about my life and my writing.

cover Betsy Says

Writing this book was different from any of my others. I'm used to making up things and I couldn't do that this time. I had to tell the truth. If I'd known I was going to write my own story, I would have tried to have a much more exciting life.

Most readers want to know what Moon is doing now. Well, the last time I saw him, he was doing his thing (sleeping in the middle of the driveway). But guess what? Last week my cat Bibbs came home with a baby black snake. It was about as big around and long as a pencil. I took it away from Bibbs and set it free in the woods. A new Moon?

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