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Herculeah Jones Series

by Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

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The Plot  

The Dark Stairs. Herculeah Jones helps her mother solve a case involving a strange man known as the Molloch.

Tarot Says Beware. Herculeah and Meat solve the mystery of the missing palmist Madam Rosa.

Dead Letter. Herculeah finds a mysterious note that leads her to an old murder and new danger.

Death's Door. Herculeah investigates the attempted murder of Meat's uncle and finds herself in danger.

Disappearing Acts. Herculeah and Meat solve the mystery of the dead girl in the boy's bathroom and end up solving the mystery of Meat's father. 

King of Murder. Herculeah meets a murder mystery writer and has the uneasy feeling he knows more about murder than he should.

The Black Tower. Herculeah attempts to solve a mystery that happened in the black tower of the the eerie Hunt mansion,

Betsy Says

All my life I have loved mystery stories and wanted to write one. Then, by accident, I got the name Herculeah. And sometimes when I get an unusual name like that, the character sort of develops on her own. That's what happened with Herculeah and she turned out to be so strong that I had to give her something strong to deal with - like murder.